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Medieval Crusaders. Step back into history get Medieval facts and information about the famous people, life and events of Medieval England.

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Lord of the Manor Interesting history, facts and information about the life of the people who lived in England during the Medieval times. The lord of the manor The lord of the manor was a term which originated with the emergence of feudalism during the Medieval times and era. The feudal system was established in England by the Normans following their victory at the Battle of Hastings.

At this time all land in England was claimed by William the Conqueror and distributed amongst Normans as their reward for fighting for William. The seizure of English land and estates was ruthless and only two Englishmen, who had turned traitor, were left with their own land. The estates of land given to the Normans, a Fief , became known as Manors. The lord of the manor owed allegiance to the King and his immediate superior.

Everyone was expected to pay for the land by providing the following services:. The lord of the manor can be described as a Vassal or Liege. The 'Lord of the Manor' was a free man who held land a fief from a lord to whom he paid homage and swore fealty. A vassal could be a lord of the manor but was also directly subservient to a Noble or the King.

The lord of the manor - The lord's land The land owned by the lord of the manor varied in size but were typically between - acres. The land belonging to the 'Lord of the Manor' was called his "demesne," or domain which he required to support himself and his retinue. The rest of the land of the Manors were allotted to the peasants who were his tenants.

A manor would typically include farming land, forests, common pasture land, a village, a mill, a church and a Manor House. The Manor House was the place of residence of the lord of the manor and his family which was built apart from the village where the peasants lived. The lord of the manor was all powerful over the peasants, holding privileges including Hunting and Judicial rights.

It differed from castles in that it was not built for the primary purpose of attack or defence. The Manor House varied in size, according to the wealth of the lord but generally consisted of a Great Hall, solar, kitchen, storerooms and servants quarters. The people who worked for the lord of the manor The lord of the manor was based in the Manor House and from here he conducted the business of the manor. The names and descriptions of the Medieval people who worked for the lord of the manor included the following:.

The Role of the lord of the Manor The role of a lord of the manor was varied. His base was the manor house. From here the lord of the manor would preside over complaints of the people in his manor and oversee the running of his farm lands on the manor. His role also revolved around his Oath of Fealty to his immediate superior, a great noble or even the King.

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He would be expected to fight and to provide soldiers and arms from his manor. Since Jesus departed, the disciples who followed Him, and all of the saints who were saved thanks to His name, have been desperately pining for Him and awaiting Him. All those who were saved by the grace of Jesus Christ during the Age of Grace have been longing for that joyful day during the last days, when Jesus the Savior arrives on a white cloud and appears among man. Of course, this is also the collective wish of all those who accept the name of Jesus the Savior today.

Similarly, man conceives that Jesus shall descend, again upon a white cloud this cloud refers to the cloud that Jesus rode upon when He returned to heaven , among those who have desperately yearned for Him for thousands of years, and that He shall bear the image and clothes of the Jews.

After appearing to man, He shall bestow food upon them, and cause living water to gush forth for them, and shall live among man, full of grace and love, living and real. And so on. Yet Jesus the Savior did not do this; He did the opposite of what man conceived. He did not arrive among those who had yearned for His return, and did not appear to all men while riding upon the white cloud. He has already arrived, but man does not know Him, and remains ignorant of His arrival. Man is only aimlessly awaiting Him, unaware that He has already descended upon a white cloud the cloud which is His Spirit, His words, and His entire disposition and all that He is , and is now among a group of overcomers that He will make during the last days.

Though man has been awaiting His arrival, how could He appear to those who eat the flesh of the unrighteous, drink the blood of the unrighteous, wear the clothes of the unrighteous, who believe in Him but do not know Him, and who constantly extort Him? Man knows only that Jesus the Savior is full of love and compassion, and is the sin offering filled with redemption.

But man has no idea that He is also God Himself , who is brimming with righteousness, majesty, wrath, and judgment, and possessed of authority and full of dignity. And so even though man eagerly yearns for and craves the return of the Redeemer, and even Heaven is moved by the prayers of man, Jesus the Savior does not appear to those who believe in Him but do not know Him.

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God is incarnated in the Chinese mainland, what the compatriots in Hong Kong and Taiwan call the inland. When God came from above to the earth, no one in heaven and earth knew about it, for this is the true meaning of God returning in a concealed fashion. He has been in the flesh working and living for a long time, yet no one has known about it.

Even to this day, no one recognizes it. Perhaps this will remain an eternal riddle. One can say that it is as if this stage of His work is taking place in the heavenly realm. Even though it is perfectly obvious to everyone, no one recognizes it.

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When God finishes this stage of His work, everyone will awake from their long dream and reverse their past attitude. As the new age was about to begin and the old one about to recede, God the Father began to deliberate the second part of His work and started preparing for it. At the break of dawn, unbeknownst to any, God came to earth and began His life in the flesh.

People were unaware of this moment. Maybe they were all fast asleep, maybe many who were watchfully awake were waiting, and maybe many were praying silently to God in heaven. Yet among all these many people, not one knew that God had already arrived on earth. God worked like this so as to more smoothly carry out His work and achieve better results, and it was also to avoid more temptations.

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Therefore God risked dangers several thousand times greater than those during the Age of Grace to come down to where the great red dragon dwells to do His own work, to put all His thinking and care into redeeming this group of impoverished people, redeeming this group of people mired in a heap of manure.

Now the new work of God has begun, and it is also the beginning of a new age. God brings to His house those redeemed to begin His new work of salvation. This time, the work of salvation is more thorough than in times past.

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It will not be done by the Holy Spirit working in man to allow him to change on his own, nor will it be done through the body of Jesus appearing among men, and least of all will it be done in another manner. Rather, the work will be done and steered by God incarnate Himself. This is done in order to lead man into the new work. Is this not a great thing? God does not do this work through a part of men or through prophecies, but by God Himself. This time, God comes to do work not in a spiritual body but in a very ordinary one.