Always On Sunday: An Inside View of Ed Sullivan, the Beatles, Elvis, Sinatra & Eds Other Guests

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I tried to forget and more or less succeeded. My perspective gradually changed over the years and I began to remember what I had tried to forget:.

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We were told we had to wear high density goggles during the tests to avoid losing our sight but the shipment of goggles never arrived—the requisition was cancelled to make room for new furniture for the colonel's house. We were told we had to stand with our backs to the blast—again to prevent blindness. But the first H-bomb ever dropped from a plane missed its target, and the detonation took place in front of us and our unprotected eyes.

Servicemen were sent to Ground Zero wearing only shorts and sneakers and worked side by side with scientists dressed in RadSafe suits. The exposed military men developed severe radiation burns and many died. The big breakthrough came when enough years had passed and I had overcome the anger and the self-pity resulting from the knowledge that I and the men who served with me had been used as guinea pigs in a recklessly dangerous and potentially deadly experiment.

At last I had the perspective to understand my nuclear year in its many dimensions and capture the tragedy and the black humor that came along with 17 H-bomb explosions. In addition, certain significant external realities had changed. Top Secret documents about Operation Redwing had been declassified. I learned new details about the test known as Tewa: the fallout lasted for three days and the radiation levels exceeded 3. Three ships were rushed to Eniwetok to evacuate personnel but were ordered back after the military raised the MPE to 7.

That, they reasoned, ensured everyone's safety. I made contact with other atomic veterans who told me about their own experiences and in some cases sent me copies of letters written to their families during the tests.

As we talked, we also laughed: about officers who claimed Eniwetok was a one year paid vacation; about the officer who guarded the political purity of the daily island newspaper by deleting "pinko propaganda," including a speech by President Eisenhower. By now, Ruth knew the material almost as well as I did and provided crucial perspective and detailed editing expertise. At last, I was able to pull all the strands together.

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After 50 years, I was able write the book I had wanted to in the beginning. Having struggled to write a memoir for so long and having been asked for advice by others contemplating writing a memoir, I can pass along a bit of what I learned along the way. Make sure you have enough distance from the experience to have perspective on what happened. Exposure to radiation and the resulting reactions—anger, terror, incredulity—produce powerful emotions that take time to process. Figure out how to use or keep away from your own intense feelings. In the case of the H-Bomb tests, anger and self-pity were emotions to stay away from.

Sometimes the unexpected works. For me, finding humor in a tragic situation— the abject military incompetence in planning and executing the H-Bomb tests—freed my memory and allowed me to write about horrific experiences. Figure out most likely by trial and error how much or how little of yourself you want to reveal. I have conflicted feelings about this book. I expected a great deal more information than it contained.

In fact, for almost the first half of the book there was very little information about the Michael Harris. Petula Clark - Downtown. The Doors - Light My Fire. The Temptations - Psychedelic Shack. The Beatles - She Loves You 2. Herman's Hermits - Mrs.

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The Searchers - Needles And Pins 6. The Animals - Shake Elvis Presley - Don't Be Cruel 4.

Topo Gigio on The Ed Sullivan Show

Ray Charles - What'd I Say 5. Jackie Wilson - Lonely Teardrops 6. James Brown - Please, Please, Please 8. Roy Orbison - Oh Pretty Woman 9. The Doors - Light My Fire Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son The Young Rascals - Good Lovin' Janis Joplin - Maybe, Maybe, Maybe. This tape may, in fact, have been substituted for the original live broadcast performance on a summer rerun in August of From the "Time-Life" collection. Season 1 is on the ""Toast of the Town"" guide.

Season 2 is on the ""Toast of the Town"" guide. Season 3 is on the ""Toast of the Town"" guide. Season 4 is on the ""Toast of the Town"" guide. Season 5 is on the ""Toast of the Town"" guide. Season 6 is on the ""Toast of the Town"" guide.

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Season 7 is on the ""Toast of the Town"" guide. Season 8 is on the ""Toast of the Town"" guide. On film: Ed visits the set of ""Guys and Dolls. Other guests live from New York : --Johnny Carson stand-up comedy routine: impersonation of Steve Allen, circling football plays on chart, etc. Scheduled guests: --Edward R. The scene runs approx. Jive"" Smalls, a New York disc jockey. Robinson's manager Joe Glaser makes an appearance.

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Philip in Atlanta, Ga. Scheduled guests: --The Broadway cast from ""The Matchmaker"" performs scenes from the play. They talk about illustrations of character portrayal through the medium of music. Pastry"" --The Goofers an instrumental-comedy group --The Luvas. John A. New army flag unveiled. Bilko cast - sings a tribute to Ed. Robinson is cruel to a drunk woman. Guests: --Jack Paar guest host - At end of show, does a routine about phobias.

At end of routine, reveals himself as a man in drag.

Musical Milestones

Bears ride a merry-go-round, bikes. Much of this show is a tribute to The Yankees baseball team and their wives. Following this Mickey Mantle comes out and talkes to Phil. Woman, on thin bar, bends over backwards and picks up napkin with teeth.