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That's why the best sites today combine artificial intelligence AI , natural language processing NLP and machine learning ML to enhance findability and create a better user experience. These sites understand intent. They present findings using storytelling to guide and empower users.

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They help them make better-informed critical decisions faster and faster. In order to attain a successful value-adding online experience, we start by attaining zero degrees of separation between the customer and your brand. We analyze data and formulate insights on what customers and other stakeholders need to hear from the brand and company. This informs the content demand and content strategy for the site.

Using that approach, we've created three paradigm shifts in website design:.

We're Still Relevant, Dammit!

The content architecture should be transformed from a linear experience into a circular one that keeps relevant content in front of the user throughout the decision journey. Amazon is the main driver behind this experience, setting expectations across B2C and B2B sites, where users are reaching their destinations in fewer and fewer clicks.

Aligning the content architecture and the implementation of functionalities has proven to significantly reduce bounce rates and increase conversion. Without this ability to find value-adding content through an intuitive UX, bounce rates will only increase, driving customers to other outlets for information, products and services.

In a complex world, the digital ecosystem should make it easier to do business with any company. Rethinking the website strategy is mission critical in an entirely new post-digital environment. If done correctly, it has the potential to shorten sales cycles, increase conversion and improve overall customer satisfaction at each stage of the decision journey. How and if can these relationships be future proofed?

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People no longer go online. They live online.

Influence of Greek Mythology on English Language and Literature

Digital addiction rules and in our contemporary era, this means an entirely different business model is needed. Written by Sebastian Jespersen. The Center of the Digital Universe Your website is the sun at the center of your company's digital solar system.

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Relevancy and Interpreting Intent Most platforms today are centered around the company's internal structure and existing market strategy, which most likely is not aligned with the CDJ. Obtaining Simplicity with Sophisticated Technology That's why the best sites today combine artificial intelligence AI , natural language processing NLP and machine learning ML to enhance findability and create a better user experience. Findability: Implement an onsite search function that helps the user find information as quickly as possible using their own terminology. By not limiting them to a keyword list, we are able to glean data about how they think and what they need, helping draw them in to zero degrees of separation from the brand.

Now I look at Odysseus also from the point of view of the peoples he encounters or intrudes upon, and whose lives he interrupts or destroys altogether. I point out that in the end his desire for revenge is so extreme that the gods must intervene directly to bring an end to it. The gods protect him, but only so long as he serves as an agent of their justice. And others also have rights that must be upheld.

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Athena is goddess of war, yet she demands, ''Stop your cruel fighting and separate, now, without further bloodshed. The ancient Greeks needed to understand the world around them in order to survive. They needed to trade and to emigrate.

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They drew maps; they catalogued rivers, even beyond the Istros, which we know as the Danube. Those who left their homeland and came to live among strange peoples taught them their customs but also recorded and adopted some customs of those they had come to live among. What will people be teaching about Odysseus 20 years from now?

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Probably not what I'm emphasizing now. New experiences in their lifetimes will help them find new meanings in these same texts. That's why we don't always need to revise our reading lists, particularly when they're composed of the so-called classics. However, we need to keep in mind that these stories were written by people like Socrates, Homer and Aristotle, whose brilliant minds have made them immortal in the annals of human history.

The truth is, Greek myths are not only rooted in reality but have helped shape modern thinking in many important ways. Their mythical nature does not take away from the fact they contain important morals and teachings that are as relevant now as they were thousands of years ago. Knowledge of Greek mythology has long-influenced society in subtle ways. It has shaped culture and tradition, directed political systems and encouraged problem-solving. It would be fair to say that the whole basic concept of modern thinking can be traced back to Greek stories and the valuable lessons they taught.

Many words used in the modern English language like idol, antique, dialogue, economy, spartan, architect, microscope, telephone, plus many more have been derived from the Greek language. The Greeks were the first to have a full-fledged alphabet system replete with vowels and consonants. According to an estimate, more than , words in the English language are derived from ancient Greek. We can find allusions to Greek mythological figures in modern-day literature as well.

For example, C. Hermione, the well-known character in Harry Potter, owes her name to Greek mythology.

Are Websites Still Relevant? And How to Keep Yours Pertinent

Hermione was the daughter of Helen of Troy and the King of Sparta. If you notice, several global companies have been named after Greek mythical figures. For example:. The public tends to subconsciously associate the features of the brand with those of the original mythical character.