Les Portes (Suspense) (French Edition)

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The Luzhin score covers a wide range of styles and influences, with "Memories of Russia" featuring elements of minimalism, "The Dark Side of Chess" spotlighting unnerving strings, and "Luzhin Dreams" featuring emotional music reminiscent of Thomas Newman. The disc overall is an eclectic mixture including a jaunty main theme, an original march, serious orchestral music, electric guitar, some original songs, and a fair amount of dialogue selections.

The Words - Film complet en français - Bradley Cooper - Drame/Thriller - HD 1080

The score balances a variety of tones, from jaunty clarinet to a more classical sound, as well as a Gypsy-tinged song composed by Georges Brassens but arranged by Desplat which dominates the score. Though a couple of cues feature dialogue the final moments of the disc feature a voice saying, in English, "You're all gonna die, understand? I'll kill you," which is a lovely way to end a CD and the disc begins disconcertingly with a rap title song, overall this is an exciting orchestral thriller score with brooding suspense, Herrmannesque agitation, and fine action music and personally, I don't mind dialogue cues quite as much when they're not in English.

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Desplat's score is largely somber, romantic orchestral music, and the only serious drawback is the CD's running time -- It's great that a label is willing to release such a brief score, but at import prices it may not be enough music for the money for many collectors. Desplat's orchestral score was one of the standout scores of admittedly, a largely forgettable year for film music , balancing minimalist elements with a lovely main theme, and evoking the period without actually being an authentic period score.

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This is one of the must-haves of any Desplat collection. The film garnered some minor controversy for a scene where Kidman and the boy share a bath with no nudity, of course -- this isn't a French film , earned some raves from artier critics, and was overall pretty much ignored -- except for Desplat's music, the kind of daring, original score that usually gets thrown out by a timid studio in favor of something more familiar, and which earned the composer much deserved raves. The opening "Prologue" piece was arguably the standout cue of , reminding one of everything film music can be, as Desplat gradually develops his main theme with lovely, classical orchestrations that suggest there's much more going on than what we're seeing on screen in this case, a man jogging around Central Park -- Kidman's husband in his final moments.

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Other cues featuring an unnerving droning sound, similar to an effect he uses in Syriana. The For Your Consideration CD circulating features only 30 minutes of the score, suggesting that some of the cues from the commercial CD weren't ultimately featured in the film, so the commercial disc is definitely the way to go.

Overall the score is Desplat's counterpart to Shearmur's Johnny English , a lightly comic pastiche of James Bond scores, especially of the David Arnold era, with a Bondian main theme and faux-Arnold action, while other cues have a warm, tropical feel and a relaxed, jazz quality. The import CD is a two-disc set, the first disc featuring songs and classical pieces and the second consisting entirely of " De Battre Mon Coeur S'Est Arrete Suite Pour Cordes, Piano, Percussions," which presents what seems to be Desplat's complete score as one track, gradually developing a simple motif over the course of 23 minutes, played by strings, piano and percussion.


The Twisted Doors - Les Portes Tordues

It's an effectively restrained if not especially memorable score, though it's wonderful that a French label would be willing to present such a brief score in unadulterated form on CD. No searching for the English translation or a vocabulary word. It's there!

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  5. No searching for the answer key in a remote appendix. Pages are printed to facilitate comparison between the English text and the French or Spanish text Allotted space for note taking Very easy portability AUDIO CD Read along and listen to the captivating mystery and improve or perfect your comprehension of spoken French or Spanish! Clear and riveting narration by native-speaking university instructors.

    Spanish edition: the native speakers are from Latin America Composed of 46 tracks covering all 46 gripping chapters of the mystery without the grammar or vocabulary sections, and doubles as a stand-alone audio book!