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Is it not the wish of everyone that there is always hope for love, joy and happiness no matter what your circumstances or experiences? This is exactly what the story of Hippy, a beloved baby hippo, tells us through his trials of being swept away from his home only to be thrust into zoo life.

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It is in this setting he finds such despair, then hope, then love and happiness through a magical wish. Sometimes it is our dreams and wishes that help us find the path that sets us free from the emotional bondage that life sometimes deals us. All ages delight in the story of Hippy.

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There are many real-life lessons that the story tells young and old. About the Book Find at your local library Description What child, or even adult, has not felt the pain of rejection, being abandoned, being unloved, being made fun of, and all the other emotions of life and growing up?

Refine Your Search Filter Per Page. His mom bought him the original Cloud b Starry Night Turtle, which helped soothe his bedtime fears. It uses the same sleep-aid technology as the original, but its all-plastic structure makes it safe and easy to clean for hospitals, camp, or travel.

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The Stay Asleep Buddies Hedgehog is an all-in-one soother, nightlight, and sleep trainer. It lulls kids to sleep with soft music and a warm light in its belly and also provides a gentle wake up with a brighter light and livelier music. If your child does stir at night, a motion sensor activates the sound to help him or her drift back to dreamland. The Woodland Friends Twinkling Light Crib Rail Soother is a fabric soother that attaches safely to the crib and is activated by a gentle tap by baby.

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A soft nightlight, twinkling lights, and music create a soothing environment for a sweet slumber. Lil Critters Soothing Starlight Hippo from VTech : For a creative bedtime routine, the Lil Critters Soothing Starlight Hippo provides calming interactions that prep little ones for sleep and provide a charming component for a bedtime ritual.

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The hippo reads nursery rhymes, plays music, and projects a calming starry sky on the ceiling and walls for a soothing snooze. This light-and-sounds system has a soft light that can be adjusted to your preferred level of brightness.