Nature Photography Without a Tripod

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What travel tripods do you use? Staff writer Alex Ventura is a professional photographer based out of the Houston area that specializes in automotive and glamour with the occasional adventures into other genres. Not sure if you mentioned this but when im doing time lapses without a remote trigger i always use a 2 or 10 second timer build into the camera.

It allows me to compose, hit my shutter button and let go so my hands dont shake the camera when i hit the button.

3 Tips to Taking Great Photos Without a Tripod

Images look great though! Yes, for these shots I did the 2-second timer. I have a remote trigger for the camera but most of the time I just use the built in timer feature. I was going to NYC for the first time and I wanted a tripod that was relatively light 3. It folds down to about MeFoto Roadtrip as well.

Best camera settings for shooting landscapes without a tripod - The Professional Photographer

Have used it for a couple of years primarily hiking and found it to be exactly what I need. Not the smallest or lightest, but I need this length.

Long Exposure Photography without a Tripod

Any tripod is a pain to carry around but necessary for solid shooting. When only carrying my camera for recreation and a tripod is just too much trouble, like your story, I am always looking for some sort of stable platform where you can still establish a good composition. The suggestion of using a shoe in place of a bean bag is great! Had not thought of that.

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October 18, March 26, April 13, Log in or register to post comments. Here are some guidelines to consistently capture sharp photos. Perhaps the most important consideration in preventing camera shake is your choice of shutter speed. Be cautious of relying solely on lens features such as image stabilization and vibration reduction. These may offer some extra flexibility, but they are far from perfect.

4 Photography Tips to Shoot Without a Tripod

There is a simple rule of thumb to determine the slowest shutter speed you can handhold at before risking camera shake. You can remember it by using this equation:. Please note: Like most rules, there are exceptions to this guideline.

Anything slower can result in soft images. Also, if your camera has a smaller sensor with a crop factor of 1. For example, the Nikon D has a crop factor of 1.

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Any stable platform can be used as a makeshift tripod. I've used downed trees, fence posts, boulders, and even my camera bag to steady the camera in a pinch. When visiting the Tuckaleechee Caverns beneath the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, tripod use was not permitted since the cave formations are quite brittle. An accidental bump from a tripod leg can easily break the delicate stalagmites that have formed over hundreds of years. I locked the tripod away in the trunk, and descended into the dark world below.

Setting your camera up in advance

It was in this darkness that I came across a rare underground waterfall named "Silver Falls". Of course handholding at that speed would have made for a completely blurry image. Luckily, there was a metal safety rail to support and balance the camera.

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  • It wasn't nearly as ideal as a tripod, but with a bit of ingenuity, it worked quite well. The trick was to place the lens barrel on the rail while the back of the camera was supported by my face. Rather than attempting to press the shutter button and jostle the setup, I used the camera's two second timer. There are times you will need to break the minimum handholding guidelines I detailed in tip number one.

    If there is nothing to rest the camera on, and you have to use a slow shutter speed to get enough light into the camera, it is still possible to make a sharp photo.

    1. Using Night mode

    This was certainly the case when I photographed the impressive nave of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. Tripods are not permitted inside and I felt it would be disruptive to rest the camera on a pew, so the only option was to handhold. To do this, bring both elbows in against your sides and support the camera from underneath with the left hand.