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This notion of potentiality will be applied to the format of an exhibition — not as an assertion of what an exhibition should be, but as an attempt to uncover what it could be. Nine artists were commissioned to create new works, which will then be presented in a display that can change continually according to the choice of the spectator. Jason Dodge often places everyday things in the exhibition space.

What the living do comprises waste material such as paper, bottle caps or packaging materials that can be situated in the space by the visitors. Handle with handles by Phanos Kyriacou consists of six terracotta casts of plastic water cooler bottles.

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Inspired by the versatility that is inherent in the work of Franz West and picking up the idea that art should be used, Jonathan Monk shows — in an act of appropriation — Jonathan Monk presents four chairs and a coat rack by Franz West — five pieces of furniture by Franz West. The artist Marlie Mul has produced the work Hammer : two oversized hammers made of flexible materials. Great versatility and thus almost unlimited presentation possibilities is offered by the work Graffiti Blind of artist Martin Soto Climent.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services has informed the Navy that at least one of the company's laptops used by their employees, under a naval contract, was compromised. HP first notified the Navy on Oct. They uncovered on Tuesday that the information of , current and former sailors' information had been accessed. Robert Burke in a statement released Wednesday. Navy officials said they plan to continue the investigation and will provide further details to those affected soon.

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