Recursive Macroeconomic Theory (MIT Press)

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One new chapter applies the recursive approach to Ramsey taxation and sharply characterizes the time inconsistency of optimal policies. These insights are used in other chapters to simplify recursive formulations of Ramsey plans and credible government policies. The second new chapter explores the mechanics of matching models and identifies a common channel through which productivity shocks are magnified across a variety of matching models.

Other chapters have been extended and refined. For example, there is new material on heterogeneous beliefs in both complete and incomplete markets models; and there is a deeper account of forces that shape aggregate labor supply elasticities in lifecycle models. The book is suitable for first- and second-year graduate courses in macroeconomics.

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Recursive Macroeconomic Theory, Third Edition

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Recursive Macroeconomic Theory / Edition 1

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Recursive Macroeconomic Theory

Research-Led Teaching Some of the skillsets, major questions, insights and case studies learned in this course relate di- rectly to the frontier work your instructor and his colleagues are engaged in. Walsh Monetary Theory and Policy. MIT Press. Introduction to Modern Economic Growth. Dynamic Economics. Mario J. Miranda and Paul L.

Recursive macroeconomic theory | University of Essex

Fackler Applied Computational Economics and Finance. Ben J. Heijdra and Frederick van der Ploeg The Foundations of Modern Macroe- conomics. Oxford University Press. John Stachurski and Thomas J. Sargent Lucas, Jr. Recursive Methods in Eco- nomic Dynamics. Harvard University Press. Charles I.

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2nd Lecture Introduction to Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis

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