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Caring is a strong motive of that phrase. It is a much stronger phrase with the emphasis on being and staying together. Ich liebe dich is the ultimate expression of emotion a person can make towards another and is used sparingly, as it easily comes across as pointlessly melodramatic. A little girl would only use that towards her mother if she had watched too many cheezy, badly translated Hollywood rom coms.

Ich habe dich lieb sounds like it can be translated to I hold you very dear , or You are very dear to me. Ich liebe dich. It is also used less seriously in friendships, cravings, and advertising, e. As already mentioned Ich habe dich lieb is a not so strong version of love. The reason that the google ngram shows a higher usage of "ich liebe dich" vs.

It's overly commonly taught. I have never once seen a translation book teach "ich hab e dich lieb" but they should. This heavily skews the results. This is why "results" do nothing to combat native speakers experience. Some 14 years ago, a girl which I was very interested in, wrote me Ich hab dich lieb!

I interpreted that as the confession, that she loves me and I wrote back some happy answer, which resulted in confusion, since she only wanted to express, that she likes me very much, but was not intending to say Ich lieb dich! Interesting debate. If anyone ever saw the movie die Ehe von Maria Braun , there was this same confusion during her trial. It is not straightforward. There are even differences in usage from High German to Low German … North and South the different dialects place emphasis on words and combinations differently.

I would say the phrase: Ich hab dich lieb , is more timely defined to the moment when said, while: ich liebe dich shows the deep and permanent feeling. In English I would use: I love you and you are lovely , as a reference.

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Something like that. English doesn't share this concept linguistically, but philosophically it's easy: Big L versus little l. If you use this say "Ich liebe dich" on your mother, you'd be insinuating you want to make love to your mother. Thank you for your interest in this question.

In German, when do you use "dich" instead of "du"?

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Jan Verdammt Ich lieb Dich, aber das macht es nicht besser es ist schwer wegzulaufen.. Damned i do love you, but better don't it's getting hard to run away.. Kill for gain or shoot to maim But we don't need a reason The Golden Goose is on the loose And never out of season Some blackened pride still burns inside This shell of bloody treason Here's my gun for a barrel of fun For the love of living death.. Whatcha gonne do when they come for you When you were eight And you had bad traits You go to school and learn the golden rule So why are you acting like a bloody fool If you get hot then you must get cool Bad boys, bad boys Whatcha gonne do?.

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