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Keep it up! But what about those who are stuck in the same city due to caring for elderly parents? Any ideas for these people… myself included? The first is to explore different parts of your own town.

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Also, as Jules mentioned below, things like museums do wonders for feeding your creativity, as what you see and feel there can transport you to a different place. Another option, would be to watch documentaries, read books on places that are far away. They can give you incredible insight into a place and help to change your perspective too. My grammar, spelling and sentence styling are exactly the same.

I feel I look at everything with outsider eyes, now. But I must have been an outsider in my hometown. Because I look at things in pretty much the same way. I miss home. The impact of travel has less to do with grammar and spelling, and more to do with the ideas that fuel your writing.

Excellent suggestions. Not only have I learned a lot from these wonderful people here but also I have observed expat residents who claim they love it here but flock together in gated conclaves and insist on trying to turn it into a corner of their previous home. Leaving home turf does not necessarily leave arrogance and tendencies to colonialism in the home one leaves. Changing locations is definitely good and helpful, but the real transformations come when we leave our comfort zones. I hear Panama is beautiful! Amazing writing… Truths that hit me like a rock and makes me think.

Beautiful article sonia, Reminds me of how badly I want to travel and see the world and just how constrained i am. Thanks for a wonderful read. Hey Jamila — yes, you definitely have the right idea. Sometimes it can be difficult to travel far away, but you can experience quite similar benefits from exploring places that are a bit closer to home, but far enough that it feels like a world away. The most inspiring blog post I have read in a long long time. Now I understand why I seek novelty on holiday. I am bored by the safety and routine of resort hotel complexes! Getting ready to shake the family up again!!

Thank you, Lisa. And yes, I say go shake things up a bit! So many great stories and experiences happen outside of the resort! Fun article. I liked the part about engaging in mind travel the most. I spent years traveling around the world when I worked at the library during college.

How travel makes you a better writer

I was reading and supposed to be working. I just relocated, six months ago, to the West Coast. Amazingly different from the Midwest. Have my writing skills improved because of it?

It hard not to think they have with all of the experiences, ideas, how vastly different some things are here. Maybe when you get better at writing you long for travel, for new places? Hey Pat — how cool that you were able to travel the world from the library! The only question is, where will you go?

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Being a pe-sitter, of course i get inspiration from the pets, but also i have a different place many time of the year. I would not need to travel but I do that too. Learning new things helps, there is never nothing you can learn from.

We can learn something from everything. Pets included! As a kid, I hated traveling. Now that I am in my mid-thirties, my yen to travel has reached a high. Hey Kitto — sometimes travel has to grow on you. I continue to be amazed at all the wonders that are in my own backyard, or that I can get to by car. I need to check out. I have traveled to many places, both in comfort and off the beaten path.

I love diverse cultures. Greek and English, as well as enough Spanish to feel free in Spanish-speaking countries, are passports to great connection with indigenous people and ways to better appreciate other cultures. Traveling is inspiring and opens up heart and mind to new ways of feeling and seeing self and the world. And congrats on turning your experiences into a book!

Very good points, with the one proviso that it is essential to travel with a truly open mind. Obviously, there is copy there for the onlooker! I also think that the longer you stay in a place, and the farther the conditions are from what you are used to — eventually, it will change the way you think.

Speaking from experience on this one :. Great advice. Stay in local housing. Travel via local transport. Eat their food. Entertain yourself their way. If you can, work there.

Spend enough time there to acquire a feel for it, it starts to seem almost normal. For me that takes about six weeks. Only then will you start to understand the culture and why people live as they do. I recently learned the benefits of staying in a place longer. First-class article.

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A coffee al fresco, studying people more, listening to a snippet of a conversation, or a walk in the countryside can be uplifting and inspiring. The resulting stories were surprising….


Hi Sonia — really great article on a subject I absolutely agree on. Whenever I have traveled it has produced inspiration for books or articles, often years later and in unexpected ways. A couple of years ago my writing partner and I had run out of ideas, so we packed up and went traveling for a couple of months.

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Not only did we write a book about the experience which we never intended to do but even now it colors our writing in other ways. Well said!!! Keep living :! Awesome post from you Sonia. I have been writing freelancing full-time for close to an year now and occasionally sets out on trips that help me break away from the monotony of my room and job. And yea, it works charm as far as my creativity rejuvenation is concerned. Thank you.